Promise South Salt Lake Volunteer Policy


We are excited that you are interested in volunteering with us in South Salt Lake. We want your experience to be positive and fulfilling each time you come to our Promise program sites. 


We are always looking for volunteers who can help in these areas:


  • Afterschool Program
    • Homework help
    • Assist with or lead enrichment activities (art, sports, science, etc)
    • Chaperone on field-trips
  • One-on-One Mentor
    • Youth
    • Families
  • Other
    • Community events


As always, please feel free to brainstorm with the Center Coordinators and SSL staff about ways you can get involved. Volunteer experiences are more successful when volunteers have the opportunity to tap into their own personal interests and passions.


As a volunteer you must adhere to the following measures:

  • Prior to volunteering, you must pass a background check (for volunteers over the age of 18), which costs $22.00 as of April 1, 2016.
  • Sign-in upon arrival and sign-out at departure
  • Maintain a healthy working relationship with Promise staff, school staff, families, students and fellow volunteers.
  • Utilize positivity in all interactions with youth and others.
  • Refrain from initiating physical contact with the youth except for handshakes, ‘high-fives’, or similar gestures.
  • Never be alone in a room with a youth or accompany a youth to the bathroom. Never go offsite with a youth without prior permission from the Center Coordinator and parents.
  • Take into account that you are working with youth of all ages and backgrounds and dress appropriately. We follow school dress codes.
  • Do not use social media to interact with South Salt Lake youth.
  • Stay engaged with youth at all times. Personal phone calls and text messages should not happen during time spent with youth.  
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